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Upcoming Services

Mobile Internet (EGPRS)/LTE
EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) provides data transfer rates significantly faster than GPRS technology for using internet. Its data transfer rate is 384 kbps which is definitely higher than GPRS.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
This service allows you to send video/music/photo to another mobile that you have captured from your lovable moments.

Ring Back Tone (RBT)
Ring Back Tone allows the caller to hear your favorite songs or the music instead of usual "tring tring" , and help bring a smile to your caller's face even before you take the call.

Friends & Family (F&F)
This service allows a subscriber to define a list of numbers, known as the F&F list of that subscriber. Whenever the subscriber calls to a number that is on his F&F list, a special F&F discount may be applied to the rate that would normally be charged for the call.

Closed User Group (CUG)
This service creates a group of subscribers, known as Closed User Groups (CUG). If a member of a CUG calls or sends an SMS to another member of the same CUG, discounted tariff can be applied.

Peer to Peer transfer
The Peer to Peer service allows the subscribers to transfer the balance between subscribers

Service Bundles
This service allows each subscriber to build his or her own package according to their need. And packaging of this service bundles will lead discount on tariff rather than purchasing those services individually.