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Hello Nepal Subscribers can send and receive short text message. SMS can be sent within the network as well as to other network.

How do I send message:

  • Scroll through your phone's menu and select "New message"
  • Select text message and type the message in message box (1 message consists of 160 characters)
  • Type the mobile number of the person you want your message to be delivered and select send.

Delivery Notification
For every messages sent, delivery report can be received if the subscriber has activated this feature in the set.

What to do when my SMS is not working:
  • Go to the message settings, there you will find the "message center number or the "service center number" Make sure that it has +977 963 0000300 stored in the " Message center number" or the "service center number "
  • Also check that, in the option "reply via the same center path is selected as "YES".
  • Make sure that the message sent as is selected "AS TEXT"

  • All Incoming Messages are free.
  • We will be starting international sms services very soon.