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Pre Paid

The Starter Pack Contains:
  • User's Guide.
  • Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card.

SIM details

Service SIM charge SIM validity Initial Talk time Night Tariff
(9pm- 7am)
Rs. 100 365 days Rs.100
(on net Rs 50 & off net Rs 50)
55 paisa/min

Recharge Cards

Recharge Voucher Top up Amount
Hello 999
Hello 499
Hello 199
Hello 99
Hello 50

Recharge Voucher contain Recharge PIN No which is covered with shaded cover for security. You have to use this PIN for recharging your account. Please do not accept the card, if the shaded cover is tampered.

How to recharge your account?
  • Gently scratch the shaded cover at the back of the recharge voucher to reveal the Recharge PIN No.
  • Use any of the following process to recharge your account:
  • Press *3332* Recharge PIN No followed by # and Dial.
  • Go to New Message Box and enter the Recharge PIN No and send it to 3332
  • Dial 333 from your own Pre-Paid mobile phone and follow the instructions.

When system ask to enter the PIN number of the recharge voucher, enter the Recharge PIN No of your recharge card correctly and listen. Do not press any other key or number after PIN entry. After the successful recharge, you will be informed of your new account balance and validity period.

Useful tips while recharging your account:
    • Use your own sim to recharge your account.
    • Do not buy the recharge card if it has been scratched already.
    • Keep your recharge card safe from getting wet.
    • Please do not show the Recharge PIN No to others after scratching your recharged card.
    • Do not throw your Recharge cards until you receive the confirmation that your account has been recharged. 
    • Recharge cards are not re-usable.