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Mobile Phone Etiquettes

We all love our mobiles... we talk, we text, we listen to music and we stay in touch with our loved one. Can we ever imagine a day without our mobile phones ? No never. Yes we know what an important role our mobile phone has played in our lives.

However, all good things should be enjoyed responsibly. How it cheeses us off when someone takes a call in the middle of meeting or some serous thing happening Or for that matter when you have to listen to the loud mouth bragging about his date last evening standing next to you at the bus stop. Yes we know how that feels and that's why here are a few points to remember when using your mobile. We call these basic mobile etiquettes and if we all pay a little attention to these, life would be so much less annoying for all of us. So it our humble request you to follow this simple guide line, so here it goes...

  1. You should strictly adhere to the rules/ regulations/ orders/ instructions as issued from time to time by the Government/ Authorities in School, Colleges, Offices, etc.
  2. In public places, the mobile phone should be kept in switched off mode or in vibration or silent mode, as per the instructions on the sign boards displayed by the Authorities in hospitals, airplanes, trains, buses, places of worship, cremation/burial ground, auditorium, cinema halls, etc.
  3. Mobile phone should not be used while driving. No never!
  4. In public places you should be considerate to people sitting or standing next to you. You can move away from the people so that they are not forced to listen to your personal/business conversation.
  5. Mobile phones should not be used to capture photographs of individuals without their knowledge and consent. It should not be used to take photographs in public places-deemed-private like swimming pools, gym, etc. Privacy of persons around the user of camera phone should be respected.
  6. Ringtones should be set at low level and should not be annoying to the people around.